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Crunch - the game for utter bankers

Press Pack

When they're not tirelessly lifting the lid on corporate crime or exposing the misdemeanours of the elite and ruling classes, journalists often like to relax by reading press releases from small, independent games companies. We list them here, for your pleasure.

Press Releases

'Crunch', the game for utter bankers - 02/04/2009 (PDF, 112KB)

Image Downloads


Crunch box Crunch box:
for web (JPG, 200KB) | for print (PSD, 4.1MB)

Crunch designers Andrew Sheerin, Andy Tompkins & illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones Designers Andrew Sheerin, Andy Tompkins & illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones:
for print (JPG, 2.75MB)

Crunch game in progress Crunch game in progress:
for web (JPG, 396KB)


Card Examples

Bankrupt country 'Bankrupt Country' card:
for web (JPG, 214KB) | for print (PSD, 1.3MB)

Bonus time 'Bonus Time' card:
for web (JPG, 241KB) | for print (PSD, 1.4MB)

Bury the bad news 'Bury the Bad News' card:
for web (JPG, 215KB) | for print (PSD, 1.1MB)

Outsourcing Overseas 'Outsourcing Overseas' card:
for web (JPG, 241KB) | for print (PSD, 1.2MB)

Rebrand 'Rebrand' card:
for web (JPG, 206KB) | for print (PSD, 1.1MB)

Recall Debt 'Recall Debt' card:
for web (JPG, 224KB) | for print (PSD, 1.2MB)

Shadowy Investors 'Shadowy Investors' card:
for web (JPG, 248KB) | for print (PSD, 1.4MB)

Too Big to Fail 'Too Big to Fail' card:
for web (JPG, 169KB) | for print (PSD, 900KB)

Union Buster 'Union Buster' card:
for web (JPG, 177KB) | for print (PSD, 1.2MB)

War 'War' card:
for web (JPG, 171KB) | for print (PSD, 887KB)



Illustration Samples

Crunch logo Crunch Logo:
for web (JPG, 251KB) | for print (PSD, 1.46MB)

Fraud 'Fraud':
for web (JPG, 100KB) | for print (PSD, 674KB)

Government Guarantee 'Government Guarantee':
for web (JPG, 122KB) | for print (PSD, 1.5MB)

Market Confidence 'Market Confidence':
for web (JPG, 142KB) | for print (PSD, 1.3MB)

Offshore Tax Haven 'Offshore Tax Haven':
for web (JPG, 102KB) | for print (PSD, 782KB)

Pusherman 'Pusherman':
for web (JPG, 133KB) | for print (PSD, 1.4MB)

Stockmarket Slump 'Stockmarket Slump':
for web (JPG, 80KB) | for print (PSD, 435KB)