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Crunch - the game for utter bankers


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Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

The Economist New Ways to Take Your Friends & Family to the Cleaners
"Crunch ”, a card game launched last year by TerrorBull Games, is pure parody. As the boss of a global bank, players have to trouser as much cash as possible ..."
The Economist - 5 August 2010

MULE Crunch: The Game for Utter Bankers
"You watch how the richest banks get all the breaks and bailouts even when they don't need them, how greed is the only way to survive and how workers quickly become an inconvenience."
Andy Lockhart and Jenny Nelson, MULE - 11 August 2009

New York Times ‘Go Fish’ for Capitalists
"Inspired by the credit crisis, a new satirical card game in Britain invites players to take the role of banking executives, secretly embezzle their banks’ assets, pay themselves gigantic bonuses while ensuring their customers’ trust."
Julia Werdigier, New York Times - 7 April 2009

Boston Herald Bribery wins in fat-cat fantasy game
"Not likely to be embraced by human resources departments, Crunch encourages players to cheat to build up as comfortable a retirement as possible at the expense of others."
Darren Garnick, Boston Herald - 1 April 2009

Cambridge Evening News Logo War On Terror makers return with credit crunch game
"A GAME that takes a swipe at "greedy bankers" has been created by the makers of War On Terror. It promises to "ease the gloom of the recession" as it attacks the capitalist system."
Raymond Brown, Cambridge Evening News - 25 March 2009

Der Spiegel Logo Mau-Mau mit Investmentbankern
"Jetzt kann jeder mit den Bankern zocken: Mit dem Kartenspiel Crunch macht der Brite Andrew Sheerin die Finanzkrise zum Familienvergnügen. Für den Satiriker ist der Niedergang vor allem ein Spaß - wie schon bei seinem legendären Brettspiel War on Terror."
Thomas Hillenbrand, Spiegel Online - 24 March 2009

TV & Radio

ZDF Crunch: Das Spiel zur Finanzkrise
Heute Nacht, ZDF - 1 April 2009


Board Games with Scott A clever card game about the banking industry and bailouts
"The folks at Terrorbull games create political sarcastic games that teach a lesson while having you explore a topic. The games are irreverent and not politically correct, but are fun!"
Board Games with Scott - 23 June 2009



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